Magic Diary Grants Wishes/ 12 Awkward Situations

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My Boyfriend Got Kidnapped! 17 Funny Situations
Let's jump into the world of magic and fairy tales. Rhonda has a magic diary that fulfills wishes. I wonder how far will she go in her dreams?
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  • Ronda: Oo a note book, It fell from the sky! Me: it fell from the ceiling if you say from sky that’s mean school have no roof-

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  • 7:43 last comment, did she just say 'cooked'?

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  • 5:12 i hate to be rude but... this sounds.... not at all accurate

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  • 4:42 i think she misspelled "crazy"

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  • 2:07 aren't these ppl in high school?

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  • imagine her sibling comes in and writes in her diary for her to die the next day

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    • True. Ronda:Ugh,fine.Go COOKIES!.

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